My baby is now three years old… definitely worth documenting.

I’ve been wanting to try out With Room Coffee in downtown Minot and Maxie’s 3-year-old birthday session seemed like the perfect opportunity. The building, atmosphere and drinks were all wonderful.

Here’s Max…

-sweetest thing ever

-loves his mommy (me!) the most – everyone would agree 🙂

-likes dinosaurs, airplanes, trains, bears, Paw Patrol

-adores his big sister and has to do everything she does

-laid back, goes with the flow

-obsessed with pajamas

-and a million more wonderful things that I won’t bother you with right now

It’s easy to let birthdays pass without getting photos done, but I promise if you have photos taken, you won’t regret it. I spent about 10-15 minutes taking these and they’re my new favorite. If you have an idea for a session for your little one, please reach out! I would love for us to think out of the box and do something that is true to them. It’ll be a mini session at a special price. And it’ll be FUN!

The possibilities are endless…ice cream date, painting, twirling in a beautiful dress in a sun-soaked field, playing in the mud, running through the sprinkler, or whatever else your child loves to do <3

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At different points in the year, I'm in different regions of the US. Primarily, Orange Beach, Alabama during the summer, and North Dakota for the remainder of the year.

If you have questions about specific dates, just reach out! I would love to capture the ease and fun of your family vacation, or ensure that your seniors have gorgeous images to remember this point in their lives. Can't wait to hear from you!


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